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What Happens When You Drink and Drive?

Last updated: Monday, 10, August 2020

While Alberta, the wonderful Canadian province, has a great record for keeping their streets safe, there is an inherent danger present, and that, of course, is the risk an inebriated driver brings to the table when they sit behind the wheel of an automobile. While there is always the risk of driving while intoxicated, there are also measures set in place by the local and provincial branches of the government to ensure that the roads are kept as safe as possible.

Alberta is a firm supporter of strict regulations on driving while impaired under the influence of alcohol, and this province is the founder of the Provincial Impaired Driving Committee, which is a collective of citizens, pooling their ideas and resources to help keep the roads and highways safe from the dangers of drunk drivers.

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The minimum penalty for being pulled over and proven to be operating a motor vehicle outside of the legal blood-alcohol limit is a suspended license for a year. For a second offense, you will have your license suspended during a period of no less than three years. A third offense will have your license revoked for a period of five years. These suspensions may also be complemented by a government-mandated fine depending upon the severity of the crime, the content of your criminal record, and increases based upon the number of repeat offenses you have on your license.

One of the primary tools used by the Provincial Impaired Driving Committee is pre-emptive addictive education for those in the public school system. The main facet for prevention education is a program commonly known as S.A.D.D., which is short for Students against Drunk Driving. This organization focuses on teaching children the dangers of drunk driving at a very young age, and about the importance of alcohol moderation.

One of the most important ways that the roads can be kept safe is through observation and reporting form regular citizens if you see someone driving, and suspect that they are intoxicated. Here are several signs to look for when identifying a drunk driver:

  • Be on the lookout for excessive weaving between lanes, crossing the centerline, and just constant "bouncing" off of the lines.
  • Watch for irregular speeds; it is common for drunk drivers to speed up and slow down, instead of maintaining a consistent speed, as their judgment is impaired.
  • Be aware of increased brake light activity; drunk drivers with alcohol-impaired judgment tend to hit the brakes more frequently, as they are not as in tuned to where they are geographically speaking.
  • Furthermore, watch out for excessive movement inside of the vehicle near the driver's area, and any other sign that might indicate that a driver is under the influence.

If you notice any number of the above signs or suspect that a driver near you on the road may be intoxicated, please do your part to ensure that you are phoning it into the law enforcement officials to keep the streets safe.

Attending a good alcohol treatment in the province of Alberta while waiting to go to court for driving under the influence is a smart choice. It means the person is starting to take some responsibility for his addiction.



Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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