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Why Is Methamphetamine Addiction so Dangerous?

Last updated: Thursday, 20, August 2020

As per experts, methamphetamine is among the most addicting substances on earth. The reason for the danger posed by the drug is in the severity of the addiction, and the long period of recovery involved. The substance can have an effect that can last for as much as 24 hours. Under the influence of the drug, a person cannot sleep and there is a feeling that he/she has never ever slept. It can become quite difficult to find any comfort during this phase.

One of the sad things about methamphetamine abuse is that first-time users find the experience more enjoyable that triggers them to use the drug repeatedly. And, the recovery period is also not long during the beginning phases. The body produces normal levels of endorphins that compensate for the withdrawal period. And, due to this reason, more and more new users use the substance repeatedly, which results in methamphetamine dependency.

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Another negative aspect of using methamphetamine is that post-recovery, there is no feeling of guilt, which is the case with the use of other drugs. It has been found that a high percentage of people, who quit meth use, started using it again. This indicates how difficult it is to get rid of this drug.

Methamphetamine abuse has a strong effect on the brain of the patient. It can lead to a partial loss of memory and sometimes even brain damage. Even after quitting, patients will find it difficult to remember most of their old memories. In addition, it also affects the mental performance of an individual. This has been found to be especially true in the case of solving out mathematical problems and other analytical things. Additionally, it has also been found that methamphetamine addicts gradually lose their capability to produce dopamine, which leads the patient to remain depressed, and sometimes this effect is permanent.

Meth addicts remain withdrawn and desperate, and they depend on the substance in order to fill their void, but for a short period of time. One of the most effective ways of methamphetamine addiction treatment is in the form of a holistic approach. Such therapies are created in order to treat every aspect of the life of an addict - body, mind, and spirit. The focus of such treatment is to change the lifestyle of a person by the introduction of balance. However, the treatment doesn't address the physical symptoms of drug abuse.

The holistic approach to the treatment in methamphetamine rehab centers consists of different methods, including stress relief, relaxation classes, massage therapy, acupuncture, meditation, physical therapies, and life coaching so as to minimize the urge in the individual. In addition to the treatment for the substance, the patient is also diagnosed with any other kind of disorder. This can consist of anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. The length of the methamphetamine treatment can vary on the basis of different factors like the duration for which the patient has been using the drug, the amount of usage, and the time taken to heal the brain.



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