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Why Do People's Attitudes Change When They Are Drunk?

Last updated: Monday, 10, August 2020

Everyone knows how alcohol affects their body and mind. The damages produced to the body are well-known, but it also severely affects the mind. Alcohol acts as a depressant for the central nervous system, the one that coordinates speech, vision, concentration, and coordination. The more you drink, the more it will affect your nervous system.

After the ingestion, the alcohol passes really fast from the stomach into the small intestine. Then it is absorbed into the bloodstream, distributing it in the entire body. This way, the alcohol will get to your central nervous system, affecting it. Even if the concentration is low, the alcohol reduces the inhibitions because the part of the brain responsible with emotion and behavior is also affected. That's why people act differently when they are drunk; they say things they wouldn't normally say, do weird things. The sense of judgment is weakened and the socially conditioned safety stops, so the drinker doesn't think clear anymore.

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When drunk, the first visible signs are decreased attention, judgment and control, and sensory-motor impairment. People get unsteady, have trouble walking; their speech is slurred, but usually, they don't realize that, and they feel oddly good, brave, like a different person, maybe someone they wanted to be all along but didn't have the courage. This is one of the reasons why people drink. They want to feel more confident, to say the things they wanted to say but never could, to feel different. It's quite silly actually because they only get to embarrass themselves. The bad thing about this attitude change is that some people get violent, aggressive verbally or physically, and they don't realize how much they can hurt someone while drunk. It is never good to be in a stage when you can't control your actions and thoughts. It can end up very bad for you and other people as well.


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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