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Why Can't Drug or Alcohol Addicts Quit On Their Own?

Last updated: Tuesday, 11, August 2020

No one wants to become an addict of any substance, knowing fully well the physical and mental sufferings he will have to undergo if he becomes one. It is unfortunate happening when a person without realizing it starts using harmful substances for fun, for keeping company, for enjoyment, and also getting mental peace at the time of having trouble. He never realizes that the mental peace he gets is very transient and lasts only until the substance taken is effective. The moment it loses potency inside the body; the person gets back to his original state of a troubled mind, which induces him to take a second dose. At that period of time, it will never occur to him that what he is indulging in is habit-forming and ending up with addiction. An addict becomes a slave to the substance he has been using, which can be anything from sleeping pills, alcohol or narcotics.DRS counselor

Sooner or later the person realizes the folly of what he is doing and the harm it has done to his health and mental peace and also to the mental peace of near and dear ones. He will try to get out of the habit, without adequately reading the body and mind for the purpose. Suddenly stopping the use is what the person will resort to, as he will be under the impression that it the most effective way of getting out of the habit. Such a step creates more problems with severe withdrawal symptoms. In addition to the problems he already has, he gets problems as hallucinations, seizures, palpitations, high blood pressures. It eventually means that he has to be hospitalized.

It is, therefore, advisable the addict gets himself admitted to a rehab center and follows the procedures outlined by qualified personnel at the center. For an addict getting out of the habit on his own is impossible, without proper guidance.


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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