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What's the Role of Alcohol and Peer Pressure?

Last updated: Monday, 10, August 2020

While the main portion of a teenager's life is spent learning about the person they are, and discovering who they want to become in the years that lie ahead, another big allocation of their time is spent defying the demands of their peers when they are trying to have their decisions made for them. Though many teens have the strength and self-confidence to be able to say no, there is a lot who also get pushed into saying yes in situations they would rather not be in.

Peer pressure, at least what we know as "peer pressure," pressure", is a negative influence put upon our children by their friends and others that they encounter in their daily lives, and it attacks their free will. Essentially peer pressure is a way of trying to convince someone that something is right, even if it is unethical or illegal, by stating that most of the other students faced with the same decision have given in and nothing bad has happened. The common phrase associated with peer pressuring is "well everyone is doing it," and teens are dealing with awkward stages throughout their lives, so they try to make good decisions but also make decisions that will allow them to fit in their desired social groups.

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Unfortunately for all teens, the most common peer pressuring occurs within the area of alcohol. Many teens think it's cool to drink because it gives them the freedom to do the things of an adult, and they never even think twice about the negative side effects of their decisions. Unlike many illegal drugs, alcohol is easier to come by, and does not generally get associated with the terrible effects of drugs such as meth and cocaine; however, it can harm your body just as much, especially in a fragile time of growth, such as the early teens.

One of the best ways to ensure that you are guiding your child to be able to avoid peer pressure easily is to teach him or her from a very young age that he or she is fine just the way they are. Keeping up with your child's personal growth and development, to nurture them and encourage them that being his or her own person is the best decision.

Another way to help avoid peer pressure is to inform your children about the dangers of alcohol as they are growing up, so they do not end up in high school learning about how awesome it is from a group of rebellious teens. Early education in almost all aspects of life is the best form of prevention.

Not all peer pressure is essentially seen as being destructive, but convincing people to believe drinking alcohol is ok because it is what you believe, is harmful. It effectively destroys someone's sense of self and individuality. Teenagers pressuring their friends into doing things that otherwise would be in the wrong direction of their moral compass has always been a problem in this world, and the best way we can fight this is by teaching our children whom they are great the way they are, and that they do not need to conform to any standards to fit in or be liked. If the situation is out of hand. A good alcohol treatment program in Alberta can be an option to overcome the addiction completely.



Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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