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What Kind of Support Should I Look for After I Leave an Inpatient Substance Abuse Facility?

Last updated: Wednesday, 14, September 2022

The type of support that an individual should look for after leaving an inpatient drug rehabilitation facility depends upon the level of support an individual feels that he or she needs. If the individual feels that he or she needs a lot of support, then transfer to an outpatient facility or a sober house may be a good decision for the patient. However, if the individual feels strong and his or her doctors, therapists, counselors, and peers in group therapy agree, then a community support group may be a good option.

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The strength of the individual's support system should also be considered when considering options after an inpatient treatment program. Drug abuse is a problem that an individual can relapse into quite quickly, so it is essential to find a drug addiction treatment program that is right for the individual and his or her particular needs.


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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