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What Is Drug or Alcohol Withdrawal and How Long Does It Last?

Last updated: Thursday, 20, August 2020

When a person takes to a substance as a habit and starts craving for it, it becomes an addiction. Psychologically, dependence starts building and reaches a point of no return. However, when a person comes out of addiction, it usually advised that it should be done under the supervision of a doctor. It is successful if an addicted person willingly cooperates and puts in efforts. However, when a person decides suddenly to abstain or give up the substance to which he is addicted, there are problems one will have to face physically and mentally. When the intake of the substance is cut off suddenly, craving for it will not die easily. The effect of stoppage that too suddenly, will be a combination of symptoms like a feeling of fatigue, nausea, depression and the list includes hallucinations, convulsions, etc. This effect of stopping suddenly the intake of an addicted person is called withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms vary according to the substance that is discontinued. For that matter, the symptoms will be milder for quitting smoking when compared if one stops taking narcotic substances. It starts to surface within hours of stoppage. The person will have to exhibit enough will power to continue the discontinuance. The symptom will take months to completely stop appearing. It is a period of trial. Therefore, it is generally advised that any attempt to come out of addiction; it is better to be carried out under medical supervision. Medical supervision helps to tackle withdrawal symptoms very effectively.

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Medicines to counter are given to tackle the withdrawal symptoms. Progressively, the person will be able to become fully normal within a short period of time. Medical supervision and cooperation of the patient the person will get fully rehabilitated. If the person decides to come out of addiction on his own, the withdrawal system will set in very quickly and if medical advice is avoided, then withdrawal symptoms will last for months.



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