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What Is the Cost of Methamphetamine to the Society?

Last updated: Thursday, 20, August 2020

Generally, when the term "cost" comes to you, it is natural to consider it from a monetary point of view. In addition to the monetary costs involved in Methamphetamine abuse, there is the more important human cost that needs to be considered. There are physical costs in the form of damage to kidneys, brain, heart, and lungs, but there are other damages in the form of depression and other complications that affect the person's social, personal, and professional life.

Methamphetamine abuse is capable of triggering violent behavior from the addict who can hurt others as well as the person themselves. Often, family and friends become the target of the violence of substance users. It has been recorded that the majority of the domestic violence calls received by police in some areas are related to methamphetamine abuse.

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The effect of methamphetamine dependency is wide-reaching on families. Most of the addicts neglect the welfare of their dependents. This raises a big concern for the children of such addicts, who are not in a position to manage their life. It has also been found that meth addicts are mostly immoral and have a higher chance of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. There is a higher chance of meth-using females getting pregnant leading to emotional as well as physical damage.

With most of methamphetamine abuse patients using injection as the mode of administering the drug, there is an enhanced chance of the users contracting diseases like hepatitis-C and HIV. And, users of methamphetamine infected with HIV have a much higher chance of infecting their families with this virus. The use of methamphetamine has also been linked to another hazard in the form of an automobile accident and enhanced crime.

There are numerous other costs associated with methamphetamine abuse that cannot be determined. The price of suffering cannot be judged in the case of a mother living apart from her kids, or a father inflicting domestic violence or the hindrance to the education of a child.

Methamphetamine can be manufactured with ease, and the profits are high from its sale. This has led to the propping up of a large number of crude labs in local communities. It has been found in studies that children, pets, and even senior citizens related to operators of such labs are easily exposed to the harmful environment, which can result in severe injuries and sometimes even death. Traces of harmful chemicals or residue of methamphetamine has been found in the systems of such children, and others have been found to suffer from burns to their skin or lungs.

The children of users of methamphetamine are mostly found to be malnourished, and they become easy targets of sexual and physical abuse. Since they are neglected, they are also more likely to develop behavioral issues. Modern science has found numerous treatment methods for methamphetamine abuse, along with the holistic approach to treatment that has come to become the most successful. There are reputable methamphetamine rehab centers that offer safe and permanent rehabilitation programs to individuals affected by the abuse of this substance.



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