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What Is Drug Rehabilitation?

Last updated: Wednesday, 14, September 2022

Drug rehabilitation is the term commonly used to describe the mental and psychological treatment and processes an individual goes through when he or she is dependent on certain psychoactive substances. These substances include alcohol, opiates, amphetamines, and other psychoactive substances. Drug rehabilitation in Canada exists to help people overcome their addiction, as addiction can often cause severe psychological and social problems if left untreated.

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There are many different types of drug rehabilitation treatments available. Treatment centers are designed to help people with certain types of drug addiction; outpatient facilities, inpatient facilities, and many more. All different drug rehab centers in Canada serve the same purpose; however: to help individuals fight their drug habits and make healthy decisions.

If an individual needs help with his or her drug addiction, the first step to determining what type of drug addiction treatment center he or she needs is to determine the severity of the addiction. People with severe addictions may need to be in a residential or in-patient facility, while others may only require the help of a support group.


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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