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What Is Drug Addiction?

Last updated: Tuesday, 11, August 2020

As the name implies drug addiction is a state in which a person who is regularly taking a particular substance gets into that habit and reaches a condition in which he cannot carry on with his daily routine unless he gets the usual quota of a particular substance. Addiction is a very commonly used word referred to as a person's attachment for a particular substance both physical and mental. It is also loosely used to refer to simple things like habit-forming. However, drug addiction is something much more serious than habit-forming. Addiction comes without the person realizing that he is getting addicted to something, which may ruin his physical and mental health.

No one will willfully get an addiction. He will never imagine also that he will get addicted to whatever he is taking. Teenagers are more susceptible to this matter. They like to experiment with everything when a few of them get together at a party with or without the company of their girlfriend. If someone had brought a substance called cannabis, no one will refuse to take it. Even the one or two boys who may have reservations about the whole affair do not make usually who may have some reservations about the whole affair do not make protecting noise for fear of being stamped as spoilsports. If this is repeated in a subsequent get-together, the dosage starts growing gradually.

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Drug addiction is a serious ailment affecting people in all strata society and all age groups. When one gets addicted to a drug which is narcotics, this problem starts with getting his daily dosage because cocaine is a banned substance. Addiction leads to several physical and mental problems. If the drug is not available, he might get severe palpitations, sweating, etc.; at such moments, his mental faculties will be at their lowest, and he will not be a human being.


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