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What Drugs Are Abused by Canadian College Students?

Last updated: Friday, 07, August 2020

Cannabis remains the most abused drug in Canada followed by alcohol and then prescription drugs. According to Stats Canada, prior to the legalization of marijuana, over one in seven Canadians reported using cannabis. It is estimated that around 6% of Canadians use cannabis daily per National Cannabis Survey data. Alcohol use is common all throughout Canada, and around 73% of Canadians aged 15 and older reported having consumed alcohol in the past year. Over seven million Canadians are considered heavy drinkers, and around 3% of Canadians reported using illegal drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamine, hallucinogens, and heroin. The most common drugs abused on college campuses across Canada are legal drugs, such as alcohol, marijuana, and legal prescriptions. Alcohol abuse is a common problem, and it starts with binge drinking. Binge drinking is defined as consuming five or more drinks in a short timeframe such as a couple of hours. Binge drinking has the potential to lead to other drug problems, such as prescription drugs or illegal substances.

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Canadian college students also abuse prescription stimulants, such as Adderall and Ritalin, which are regularly prescribed to people within this age group. Stimulant abuse is a dangerous problem, and these drugs are often used as a study drug. There is a misconception that central nervous system stimulants help you focus and study better. However, the abuse of any drug while studying directly affects your short-term memory and memory recall. Moreover, it becomes difficult to retain information and then apply the information you have learned. A small percentage of Canadian college students choose to abuse illegal drugs such as cocaine or club drugs, which is also dangerous. If you are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, it is important to find the right type of help and treatment. Drug treatment programs in Canada can help college students who are struggling with addiction.


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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