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What Are the Signs of Methamphetamine Use?

Last updated: Thursday, 20, August 2020

There are lots of people who have been affected by methamphetamine. People may never have thought that one of their children or one of their neighbors could have become addicted to this drug. At the rate that methamphetamine abuse is spreading, it should not come as a surprise if a friend or a family member is found to be using this substance. It is worth noting that this substance generally strikes at individuals who would otherwise not seem to be at any risk of becoming addicts. And, this includes kids who are good at sports, people who are regular at church and others who apparently don't have a reason to start using this drug.

It may be possible that you are suspicious that someone close to you has the likelihood of suffering from Methamphetamine abuse. There are numerous signs that can help you determine whether your suspicions are true or not. One of the first signs of use of Methamphetamine is the loss of weight at a fast rate. This can range from one person to another, based upon the size of the individual and the amount of substance being used by him/her. It has been found that on an average, a person with a Methamphetamine abuse can lose up to 10 pounds every month. It is worth noting that there are some ladies who have used this substance in order to lose weight. The drug can often cause an individual to have a sunken face and appear too thin and abnormal, at times.

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Methamphetamine abuse case can also be detected when an individual starts to become less careful about his/her physical appearance and personal hygiene. It is not surprising that a normal individual using the substance can soon start looking like a homeless person. The individual doesn't take a shower or avoids brushing of teeth for a long period of time. And, he/she may cut hair in a style that doesn't require much grooming. Another sign of a Methamphetamine abuse can be in the form of bad acne on the face, arms, and neck. The nails and hands of the person can start taking an ugly shape.

The mental condition of a user of meth often starts deteriorating. The features of the users of this substance soon transform into something like that of individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorder or schizophrenia. A Methamphetamine Dependency patient can start to have aggressive behavior. He/she may start to show a feeling of fear and suspicion for friends and family members or may start lying and deceiving.

When an open and outgoing person starts becoming secretive and closed off, there is a chance that he/she is starting to depend on methamphetamine. Another sign is when a person remains awake for days, and then remains asleep for days. A patient of the Methamphetamine Dependency can start losing interest in other things. When one of the friends or family members starts losing interest in their dearest things, it is a sign that they could be a patient of Methamphetamine abuse in Canada.



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