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What Are the Physical Signs of Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

Last updated: Thursday, 20, August 2020

When a person first tries a drug like marijuana, he thinks that it is the first and last time he will be using it. But the drug is not a respecter of such resolves and very soon the person gets a craving for a second helping. Within a short period, the frequency of using the drug increases, until it becomes an addiction. When it happens, there will not be any physical symptoms of his new habit. This is unfortunate because those close to him cannot see the symptoms to take him for counseling and put him on the right path. Symptoms start appearing rather late for any ordinary corrective measures to be taken. There are three or four physical signs, which are manifestations of drug addiction. Colorless face, shrunken eyes, and unsteady hands are the discernible signs.

Normally, such physical signs should warn the family members about the person's drug addiction. However, with the fast life of present-day living conditions, these signs may go unnoticed.

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However, colleagues, superiors, and even those who work under him may be able to notice the changes in physical appearance. The unsteady hands and the lusterless eye will be giveaways at the workplace. If the person has maintained a very cordial relationship with all those working around him, he may immediately offer help. The colleagues may not diagnose the problem of drug addiction but as one of physical and psychological. Well-wishers will not hesitate to take him forcefully to a doctor for medical advice and treatment.

If only, people can diagnose from the physical signs that the person is suffering from addiction to drugs, the rehabilitation process will be much quicker and easier. Unfortunately, unless the person confesses, people become aware of the problem only after his behavioral pattern changes. Even if a bit late, the person can be rehabilitated and cured of an addiction problem.



Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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