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What Are the Dangers of Drug or Alcohol Addiction?

Last updated: Tuesday, 11, August 2020

Getting high, getting drunk, getting a fix, these are what addicts do. It makes them feel good, albeit temporarily. The sad irony is that what makes them feel good is something that could eventually cost them, their freedom, and their lives. What are the dangers of addiction?

The dangers could be mental. Alcohol and many drugs do cause brain impairment. Many people who are on disability for mental problems were drug and/or alcohol addicts. Depression, social problems, shyness, paranoia, all are mental conditions that affect people suffering from addiction.

The dangers could be physical. Again, the brain can be included in physical damage. Stomach and esophagus problems, organ and circulatory problems, even death. Many of the deaths from cancer, heart problems, and other ailments started with the patient being addicted to drugs or alcohol.

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Get drunk or high one too many times, have unprotected sex with someone you do not know, and you could get an STD or HIV, even AIDS. The truth is, drug and alcohol addiction can literally kill you.

The dangers could be financial. A person can bankrupt himself and his family if he is hooked on drugs. He can even find himself hurting financially if he drinks excessively. A $400.00 liquor bill for a month when it is for a solitary drinker is a dangerous sign of alcoholism. A person hooked on drugs or alcohol could lose his job because of his addiction.

The dangers could be legal. Drinking and driving, buying or selling drugs, being so desperate for a fix that you commit armed robbery or break into someone's home. You could find yourself not just facing fines or probation but even hard prison time.

The dangers could be relational. Couples break up, divorce; families are torn apart; domestic violence and assault occur. Siblings can fight; friends can hit each other, the list of assaults and the reasons given could go on and on.

The dangers of addiction are astronomical. A woman could be pregnant and harm her unborn child. The infant could then either be miscarried or born with an addiction to his or her own, leading to health and behavioral problems that could last a lifetime.

Whether you think you are addicted to drugs or alcohol or not, if you are experiencing blackouts, if you are finding yourself sneaking drinks or needing a hit of something, you are addicted. Along with that, addiction will inevitably come some if not all the dangers listed above. What are the dangers of addiction? Do you really want to find out first hand?


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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