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How Has Medication Been on the Rise in Canada?

Last updated: Thursday, 15, September 2022

Twelve years ago, I was working in a private facility as an intake counselor. I was getting calls from families and addicts to get help for drugs and alcohol addiction. The ratio of calls we were getting was about 60% of drug problems, 35% of alcohol addiction, and 5% for people with addiction problems with medication.

In the last few years. The situation has totally reverted where our helpline is getting calls from people in trouble with a dependency to medicate. The worst of it is that people that did not have the predisposition for addiction get addicted as these medications are very addictive. More than most of the common street drugs such as cocaine, speed, etc.

DRS counselor

People get an accident or surgery. They prescribe painkillers and are not knowledgeable on the degree of dependence of these medications and are totally addicted to it.

The worst of it is they will need medical detox. Regular detox is not equipped to deal with such strong withdrawal symptoms.

We have found some really good medical detox that someone can be detoxed and free from these addictive medications.



Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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