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Is Methadone or Suboxone Prescribed at Medical Detox Centers?

Last updated: Thursday, 20, August 2020

Not necessarily, as the purpose of a detox is to help a drug user through the physical symptoms of his or her problem. This is not to say that after an opiate addict has completed a medical detox, some end up going to a methadone clinic to manage future cravings. Medical detox programs are also available for people who are wanting to get off of methadone or Suboxone, as both drugs are addictive and cause physical dependencies. It is important to understand that medical detox is not about drug maintenance, but rather addressing physical withdrawals within a safe and controlled environment. Because medical detox can deal with dangerous situations, it is important that families ensure that medical staff is either on-site, or the facility is working directly with a medical professional. Unfortunately, within Canada and in each province not every medical detox program will employ medical staff.

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The cost of a medical detox program will be different throughout most of Canada, but for people who are on social assistance programs in their province, the services are usually subsidized to around 30 to 40 dollars per day or more or can be either completely free or charge upwards of 600$ per month. The private medical detox programs situated within each province can cost between $500 and $24,000 per month, but this will also involve drug and alcohol rehabilitation along with detox. The wait times for medical detox programs on hand across Canada's provinces will fluctuate, but many of them will not necessarily have a waiting list, and in the worst-case scenario, it could take months for a bed to open up. The timing is essential for this type of treatment, and addicts or their families should contact as many different options as they can to ensure they have every opportunity to get the help they need quickly.



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