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How Do I Choose Between Government-Funded Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers and Private Ones?

Last updated: Thursday, 06, August 2020

Knowing how to choose between a government-funded and private drug rehab in Canada one means knowing the differences between the two first. So what are they?

A government-funded rehab center is usually cheaper, sometimes even free. It is governed by a state or federal agency and therefore, often has a team of doctors and state of the art equipment. There is a common thread of recovery themes and practices that runs the same throughout many government-funded rehab centers so that a person is one such place gets the same treatment as in one several hundred or thousand miles away.

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A privately run rehab center often has wonderful doctors and state of the art equipment as well but sometimes this comes with a hefty price tag. It also comes with a person being treated as an individual and not lumped in with others, although this is not the case with every government-funded rehab center. Some private centers offer gourmet food, spa treatments, and first-class accommodations; Government-funded rehab centers do not.

So how do you choose between a government-funded rehab center and a private one? Naturally, your finances will have a say in it. If you have insurance or can afford a private center you will certainly appreciate what it offers. Still, a government-funded rehab center also has a goal, and that is getting you clean and ensuring that you do not relapse.

Another difference between government-funded rehab centers and private ones is confidentiality. While most funded ones will work to protect your privacy and offer security, some of the private ones succeed better at it, offering anonymity and guards stationed on the perimeters so that nosy trouble seeking paparazzi do not enter in and break a story.

Drugs are a problem everywhere, not just in the U.S, and Canada. They are finding people to take over in England, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Every continent has been hit by drug addiction and practically every country as well. Because of this, most countries do have a government-funded rehab center set up and strive to help a person to overcome the addiction.

In general, both governments funded drug rehab centers and private ones do have a common goal, to get you clean and off drugs permanently. Having the choice of either is nice but having the right to treatment no matter what your finances or station in life is a blessing and cuts out all excuses for not seeking treatment. In the end, that is the most important thing of all, that they have the same goal in common instead of what differences they have.


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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