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How Quickly Can I Become Addicted to Drug?

Last updated: Thursday, 20, August 2020

Getting addicted to drugs is not something that one wishes to have. Any person who starts using a drug usually has a simple explanation or excuse is simply experimenting and trying to find out What is it all about. It is tragic that all these people without exception end up as drug addicts, of various levels. This stage is reached depending on several factors in the person's personal and social life. It also depends on the company he keeps. A person, who is serious about avoidance of all forms of drugs, should in all earnestness shirk the company of anyone who offers him something like cocaine powder, or marijuana, for fun as he puts it.

Starting with experimenting and becoming an addict can take place either in a very short time or over a period of time depending on the mental and willpower of the person concerned, family circumstances, the environment at the workplace, and the social life he has. If he has a supportive and loving family, the person will not become an addict unless other extraneous factors creep in the situation. The worst case of drug addiction happens to people who want to forget all that happened during the day and float at their imaginary happy level. Such people become total addicts within two to three months of experimentation. It is a matter to be noted addiction happens over a short period only and there are no cases of people getting addicted to any period over a long period of time.

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Family members if properly educated about drug addiction, in general, can see the signs of drug use even in the early stages in the member of the family. A wrong approach like shouting, withdrawal of friends will only aggravate the situation and will harden the resolve for the drug at all costs. They find ingenious methods to get funds and become an addict in no time.



Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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