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How Fast Can a Person Get Addicted to Methamphetamine?

Last updated: Wednesday, 14, September 2022

Methamphetamine is a drug that is very addictive and very dangerous. Statistics show that methamphetamine is probably the worse drug in terms of how fast one can become addicted to it. Methamphetamine gives one of the biggest dopamine releases, giving the user an unbelievable sense of pleasure. From the first hit, a person can become addicted to the feeling it gives. At this point, psychological addiction has started. Since the beginning is often a psychological addiction, it will differ for every user. A person looking to escape their problems will probably fall prey to methamphetamine after the first try. But the body's tolerance for methamphetamine grows quickly so methamphetamine use will increase quickly.

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It doesn't matter whether a person gets addicted to methamphetamine immediately or down the road because methamphetamine is excessively dangerous to the user's health. So as soon as a person starts taking methamphetamine, it is best to get him or her help right away. Professionals at drug rehab treatments in British Columbia are often the best people to handle addiction of this kind.


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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