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Can I Leave College to Go to Drug Rehabilitation?

Last updated: Wednesday, 19, February 2020

Colleges and universities are taking more steps to ensure every student has a place to go if they are struggling with difficult problems within his or her life. If the issues are substance abuse and addiction, student-led initiatives on campuses are helping students access the resources they need. Most colleges also have policies in place to allow students to take a medical leave of absence. The reality is that drug addiction becomes worse when no help is gotten. If you are struggling with a drug or alcohol problem while attending post-secondary school, you must reach out for help. Most college campuses have counseling programs, or some type of mental health service, which includes help for substance abuse. Many programs are organized by students in an effort to help students deal with the stress of going to school, meeting new people, and everything else involved with the college experience. Making a decision to find help for drug addiction is important and is one that will do more good than bad.

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For example, you are in a program that takes four years to complete. Drug and alcohol abuse has become a problem but has not yet spiraled out of control. You are managing to meet deadlines, but fail some classes, and it takes an extra two years to finish your program. If you had decided to find help, and speak to someone about your addiction, the one or three months you took off for treatment, would have allowed you to finish school in the time you wanted. A medical leave of absence would allow you to pick up exactly where you left off. The best thing to do is to speak to someone about the problem and inquire about what help is potentially available.


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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